A dedicated and experienced team

Ambassadors Sports Management (ASM) is at its peak, able to benefit our clients and their families achieve their goals. Our agents work with players — from young talent to established veterans — helping with their professional needs even reaching beyond the sport.

As a proudly African talent agency, we have connections across multiple African industries. And through the Ambassadors FC and other efforts, we are able to back our clients’ philanthropic work.

How We Do What We Do

​​​​​​​A wholistic Approach

PSL and NFD Draft Preparation

We provide individually customized training programs to improve each player’s strengths and address their weaknesses, through various assessments and consultations

PSL and NFD Draft Success

We are a respected team of agents in the industry, whose experience and expertise will ensure clients and their families are in the best position to accomplish their draft goals.

I'm not sure what to do, please help!

The process of representing a player or client can get a little complicated. If you are confused, stuck or would like us to help, please leave your email below, and someone helpful will contact you soon.


Most frequent questions and answers

Contracts and agreements vary, but the industry standard is about 10% of the contract’s worth, without taking the client’s contract total amount

Yes. Please see our clients under the ‘You may know some of our clients’ link

We are always on the lookout for new, impressive talent and we scout almost daily.

We have financal experts offering our clients instruments and facilities to progress towards their personal goals. We also assist with training, injuries, trauma, substance abuse and more of the kind of things that you would expect family to care about. We are family, after all…