Ambassadors Sport Management sees an opportunity in taking our clients much further than their popularity status and current earning potential; we intend for our client to have a thriving career, a positive image to the public and staying power in the industry. And so, personal, professional and PR development is the company’s cornerstone. Ambassadors Sport Management also takes a strong position in networking and business relationships of our clients.

Contract Negotiations

Ambassadors Sport Management knows how to negotiate aggressively, for the client. Our expertise and experience in various fields of business, put us amongst the best, in the business. We are currently and proudly representing promising athletes with amazing potential; and they are happy with the contracts that we have secured for them.

Career Management, Sponsorship and Endorsements

Ambassadors Sport Management believes that a soccer player’s career does not end on the field, but extends to education, networking and related prospects within the sporting world. We maintain strong network in the world of soccer with team managers and coaches. With partnerships with blue chip companies and an intimate knowledge of the entertainment field, advances in our client’s career goals are readily achievable.

Athlete, Lifestyle and Social Media Management

Athletes are brand ambassadors, but they are also brands themselves. Helping clients manage their media coverage, social media image and public opinion is where Ambassadors Sport Management intends to outclass its competition. Our social media marketing experience puts us at a unique advantage to rapidly promote our clients, using existing technologies and techniques.

Wealth Management

Ambassadors Sport Management boasts partnerships in the financial, insurance and investment industries. Exclusive, tailor-made packages are always an option for our clients. Mandatory advice sessions are part of the orientation program that is hosted by industry professionals. We place high confidence in the level of proficiency of our partner companies; to create, grow and manage the wealth for our clients.

Skills Development

Ambassadors Sport Management’s skill development program sees players trained at our partner’s soccer facilities; our specialized coaches follow the client’s progress and design supplementary programs. This helps set our clients apart, even from within their own teams, being continuously conditioned, trained and supported, from behind the scenes.

Family Relationships

As a holistic agency; encouraging the client’s families’ involvement is a particularly unique strategy that we employ. Discussing goals and the vision of our client with the family is essential to the success of the client. Our business model includes support that is individually created for the client, and we believe that family is a pillar for sustainable support. As a fundamental practice, the client’s family is encouraged to be involved in every aspect of the client’s career.